The Story Of Marcus

The Story of Marcus (Click to download mp3 directly)

Guitarist, Jack of All Trades, Schmoozer, Family Man…there are many hats that would rest on top of the once-lustrous mane of hair that Marcus sported many years ago.  But where is he now?  We delve into a good guy, but a tough nut to crack.  Tune in and listen to us peel back the onion…

The Book of Thomas

The Book of Thomas (click to download mp3 directly)

Thomas (aka “Otis”) is a southern boy with a twist.  Having survived a minefield of substance abuse issues and a serious questioning of his faith, to say he’s a changed man now would be the ultimate understatement.  Listen to the adventures, brutal honesty, and simple wisdom that makes Tom one of the best people you’ll ever hear in this unforgettable tale.

The Story of Jack

The Story of Jack (click to download mp3 directly)

Meet Jack, an admitted member of the one percent, as he emerges from divorce and partying with the Japanese mafia to find himself re-married with two kids and wondering where the fuck all his money has gone.




The Story of Karlo

The Story Of Karlo (click here to download mp3 directly)

This was our first podcast.  Meet Karlo, a modern-day culinary gypsy, as he generally avoids commitment and responsibility from sea to shining sea.  A surprise ending for the man who once got curb-stomped in Vegas?  You’ll have to listen and see.



And away we go!

Who knew that a group of anonymous guys would ever do something mundane on the internet?  Alright, so maybe that one was easy to predict.  Welcome to the home of Aged and Confused, folks.  Our podcast centers on open, honest discussion between a group of friends approaching and in their 40’s.  We’ve got people from all walks of life in our group with great stories to tell.  I hope you enjoy the show!