Marc and Craig get Salty!

Marc and Craig get Salty (Click to the left for direct mp3 download)

Marcus confesses his love of a good throat-hit as he details his departure from smoking.  Other topics of the day include “Father Knows Best”, feminism revisited, time travel, and gay ghosts.  Stretch before you listen — wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt. 🙂

Butt-Plugs, Theft, and Homeless Pussy

Butt Plugs Theft and Homeless Pussy (Click on link for direct file download)

Join us on the Fuckbus!  James and Craig meet in the great Midwest to discuss our kinks, the different stages of life, and giant butt-plugs in France.  Join us as we clear the whore-hurdles and dig into the frightening depths of our own heads.  Enjoy!