“Like Fucking my Dad…”

Like Fucking my Dad (Click to the left for direct file download)

Guess what?  Caligula’s back in town.  That’s right, Chris the womanizing, brutally honest poon-hunter of the southeast has returned.  Settle in as he regales you with tails of debauchery, political points, and the things that make Chris, well…Chris.  🙂

An Out-of-Bootie Experience…

An Out of Bootie Experience (Click to the left for direct file download)

The venerable brother James joins us once again as we tackle some deeper spiritual issues in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Paris.  Is God real?  Does he want you to buy a gold-covered rose?  Watch where you step, because there’s piss everywhere.  Now let’s get faaaar ouuuut.

The Kama Sutra Up-Sell

The Kama Sutra Up-Sell (Click text to the left for direct file download)

Tune in and discover why selling Bibles door to door may have been the best decision you never made.  Brother James joins us again as we delve into racial relations, karaoke massage parlors, and sex (shocker).  So sit down, get your dick hard, and have your sizing chart ready.  It’s time.