Mustard Taco…

Mustard Taco (Click link to the left for direct download)

James has found love…and regular sex, which for men is essentially the same thing.  Join us as we ask about his new woman and chat across a wide range of subjects such as online dating and our personality quirks.  Bonus prizes include several fun jabs at Thomas along with a series of choices apparently crafted by Satan as Marc gives us another round of “This or that.”

The Godfather Returns…

The Godfather Returns (Click link to the left for direct file download)

An Aged and Confused progenitor re-appears…KARLO has been tracked down.  He’s clean and sober (booooooo), married (boooooooooOOOo), and happy (BOOOOOOOO!).  Let’s listen to him brag about his rosy state in Portlandia!

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

The Boys of Summer (Click link to the left for direct download)

An attempted home invasion pushes Craig to make some changes to protect the family.  James exits the singles market and Craig/Marc discuss why Ashley Madison would never work for them.  We wrap up this burrito by learning why one should never sit behind Marcus in an adult movie theatre.