Table for One

Table for One (click on link to the left for direct download)

Join James and Craig as we welcome our futuristic Otis-Jesus savior with open arms.  Tales of carpentry mix with folklore of Jimmy’s lost virginity as he weathers the initial stages of his HIV infection.  As an additional bonus, tips for warding off other-wordly spirits are included.


Yelping about our Shame

Yelping about our Shame (Click filename to the left for direct download)

Yelping about our Shame

Join Craig, James, and Darth Vapor as we try to huddle for warmth amid the harsh winter weather.  It’s not gay if you spoon with two other guys strictly for survival, right?  It sure does gets awkward if one of them starts singing showtunes, though.  So put in your favorite disney movie and enjoy…


Return of the Red-Eye

Return of the Red-Eye (Click on link for direct file download)

Join James and Craig as we visit the ghosts of pussy’s past.  Relationships are the soup de jour as we explore break-ups and choose our celebrity avatars for telling off an ex.  Got Mustard?  Damn right you’ve got mustard.