The Three (sexually repressed) Stooges

The Three Stooges (Click to the left for direct download)

Brother Thomas makes a special appearance to tell us why Jesus now loves the homos.  In all seriousness…James, Craig, and Otis come together to pretty much deliver the usual debauchery and laughter that can only be provided by three really REALLY warped minds.  Among many other topics, we delve into our romantic deal-breakers along with some either/ors.  Press play and hide any sensitive ears.  It can be uncomfortable at first, but with a little relaxation and an open mind, one can find it enjoyable.

Don’t be a Dick

Don’t be a DIck (Click here for direct download)

Howdy.  Craig here.  Let me just get the apology out of the way first — the first six…SIX minutes of this recording are binaural shit.  After that, the sound returns to normal.  Join myself, Brian and Angela as we take a tour of a happy marriage, learn about slutty Italian women, discuss the art of waffling and find out why Brian’s biological parents discarded him like yesterday’s cole-slaw.  It’s gonna get weird, but isn’t that why you listen in the first place?

Everybody’s got their damage

Stormy Seas (Click link to the left for direct download)

Batten down the hatches and join us as James gambles his life against Poseidon…well, LAKE Poseidon…look, shit got real out there, alright?  Marcus throws some remote curveballs as Craig and Jimmy weigh responsibility against their finite lifespans — not to mention  debating the finer points of death by the handicapped undead vs reptilian killing machines.  A two year old has never been so scary, so join us!