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Camp Cornhole

Camp Cornhole (Click to the left for direct download)

Join us for a very special show.  Craig, Marcus, Thomas, and “Caligula” Chris met up in the woods of eastern Tennessee for a rare live show underneath the stars.  Naturally, we kept it classy.  Oh, and HI, Japan!  Sidenote:  The new email address we’ve set up for the show is larry and his yoga pants at gmail. — wrongsirwrong was taken.


Bitburger (Click on title for direct file download)

James and Craig reunite to gush about semi-gay camping trips, another addition to Jimmy’s trail of broken hearts, the general psychosis of women and relationship endurance.  Turn on your side and try to relax — this one’s going a little deep.

A Rainbow Wake of Garbage…

San Di-AH-go (Click to the left for direct download)

James and Craig return to touch on the finer points of gay pride, drug-infused camping, girlfriends new and old.  Brave the depths of Craig’s inner monologue.  James also ponders the benefits to his career if he were to switch teams (Yes, THAT way).  Enjoy!

Lake Michigan’s National Treasure

Lake Michigan’s National Treasure (Click to the left for direct download)

James and Craig reunite to discuss a bevy of topics.  An ingenious plan to spark local tourism in Chicago is revealed before delving into conspiracies, boundaries of with ex-lovers, and what truly makes the measure of a man.  Enjoy.

I’d like to see HER Bermuda Triangle!

I’d like to see HER Bermuda Triangle (Click for direct download)

This episode is marked by the return of Marcus, a man who’s work ethic and burnout factor know no bounds.  Craig and Marc take a break from the grind to discuss old studio memories, illegal immigration, more Peru stories, and the press before weighing in on the danger of everyone else’s hot wives.

Cooler than a Yeti’s Balls…

Cooler than a Yeti’s Balls (Click for direct file download)

James regales us with a story of how he serviced Patrick Stewart, a listener’s question about porn-viewing is fielded, Craig intensifies his love for assisted wiping technologies…it’s the kind of thoughtful content you’ve grown to expect from our quality program.

Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief (Click for direct download)

The last two weeks have been weird.  Our country put in the hands of a reality tv actor, crappy luck, a shit-ton of hate and divisiveness.  Let’s talk about it.

Fuck Dan and his Bun-Length Bullshit!

Fuck Dan (Click on link to the left for direct download)

James and Craig are back to talk encounters with the law, cheating spouses, and how a bottle of Malbec can get you fired.  Pour yourself a drink or two.  We won’t judge.


The Three (sexually repressed) Stooges

The Three Stooges (Click to the left for direct download)

Brother Thomas makes a special appearance to tell us why Jesus now loves the homos.  In all seriousness…James, Craig, and Otis come together to pretty much deliver the usual debauchery and laughter that can only be provided by three really REALLY warped minds.  Among many other topics, we delve into our romantic deal-breakers along with some either/ors.  Press play and hide any sensitive ears.  It can be uncomfortable at first, but with a little relaxation and an open mind, one can find it enjoyable.

Don’t be a Dick

Don’t be a DIck (Click here for direct download)

Howdy.  Craig here.  Let me just get the apology out of the way first — the first six…SIX minutes of this recording are binaural shit.  After that, the sound returns to normal.  Join myself, Brian and Angela as we take a tour of a happy marriage, learn about slutty Italian women, discuss the art of waffling and find out why Brian’s biological parents discarded him like yesterday’s cole-slaw.  It’s gonna get weird, but isn’t that why you listen in the first place?