Don’t be a Dick

Don’t be a DIck (Click here for direct download)

Howdy.  Craig here.  Let me just get the apology out of the way first — the first six…SIX minutes of this recording are binaural shit.  After that, the sound returns to normal.  Join myself, Brian and Angela as we take a tour of a happy marriage, learn about slutty Italian women, discuss the art of waffling and find out why Brian’s biological parents discarded him like yesterday’s cole-slaw.  It’s gonna get weird, but isn’t that why you listen in the first place?

Everybody’s got their damage

Stormy Seas (Click link to the left for direct download)

Batten down the hatches and join us as James gambles his life against Poseidon…well, LAKE Poseidon…look, shit got real out there, alright?  Marcus throws some remote curveballs as Craig and Jimmy weigh responsibility against their finite lifespans — not to mention  debating the finer points of death by the handicapped undead vs reptilian killing machines.  A two year old has never been so scary, so join us!

Sorry about that…

Merit Badge (Click on link for direct download)

An elusive guest arrives in the form of Hal, an old friend from Craig’s partying days that is picking up the pieces of a shattered family life.  The boys tip a few back as they discuss the price of male freedom and Craig awkwardly apologies for trying to have a threesome with Hal’s ex-wife…


Table for One

Table for One (click on link to the left for direct download)

Join James and Craig as we welcome our futuristic Otis-Jesus savior with open arms.  Tales of carpentry mix with folklore of Jimmy’s lost virginity as he weathers the initial stages of his HIV infection.  As an additional bonus, tips for warding off other-wordly spirits are included.


Yelping about our Shame

Yelping about our Shame (Click filename to the left for direct download)

Yelping about our Shame

Join Craig, James, and Darth Vapor as we try to huddle for warmth amid the harsh winter weather.  It’s not gay if you spoon with two other guys strictly for survival, right?  It sure does gets awkward if one of them starts singing showtunes, though.  So put in your favorite disney movie and enjoy…


Return of the Red-Eye

Return of the Red-Eye (Click on link for direct file download)

Join James and Craig as we visit the ghosts of pussy’s past.  Relationships are the soup de jour as we explore break-ups and choose our celebrity avatars for telling off an ex.  Got Mustard?  Damn right you’ve got mustard.

The Penis Awakens…

The Penis Awakens (Click link to left for direct download)

So where’d everybody go?  Never fear, we have answers.  Join Craig for a brief welcome to the New Year and update on things to come. 🙂

Mustard Taco…

Mustard Taco (Click link to the left for direct download)

James has found love…and regular sex, which for men is essentially the same thing.  Join us as we ask about his new woman and chat across a wide range of subjects such as online dating and our personality quirks.  Bonus prizes include several fun jabs at Thomas along with a series of choices apparently crafted by Satan as Marc gives us another round of “This or that.”

The Godfather Returns…

The Godfather Returns (Click link to the left for direct file download)

An Aged and Confused progenitor re-appears…KARLO has been tracked down.  He’s clean and sober (booooooo), married (boooooooooOOOo), and happy (BOOOOOOOO!).  Let’s listen to him brag about his rosy state in Portlandia!

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

The Boys of Summer (Click link to the left for direct download)

An attempted home invasion pushes Craig to make some changes to protect the family.  James exits the singles market and Craig/Marc discuss why Ashley Madison would never work for them.  We wrap up this burrito by learning why one should never sit behind Marcus in an adult movie theatre.